The Thing’s Empathy

Empathy, the ability to sense another person’s feelings, is one of the keys to emotional intelligence, according to Daniel Coleman.  Stephen Covey talks about first seeking to understand.  As leaders, if we are to build connections, build relationships with people then we do need to first seek to understand them and one of those ways is sensing another person’s feelings.marvel-two-in-one-001-00-fc

The Thing achieves this in Marvel Two-in-One when he travels to the Florida everglades to battle with Man-Thing.  Distraught that another creature is using “his moniker” and appearing on the cover of Time magazine, the Thing goes to Florida to confront the Man-Thing.  A fight ensues, but before it can reach its climax, Molecule Man appears and strips both The Thing and Man-Thing of their powers, so that he, Molecule Man, can be as strong as both of them combined.

The result is that The Thing and Man-Thing return to their original human selves.  They were two individuals trapped in these grotesque bodies that people found repulsive.  Underneath, they were just two human beings, scientists, that did not like being trapped in those bodies, that did not like being judged for how they appeared.

marvel-two-in-one-001-12 (2)

In the end, unfortunately, Molecule Man loses control of his wand and Ben Grimm and Man-Thing return to their monstrous forms.

Ben Grimm/The Thing realizes what he has done and his treatment of the Man-Thing.  He ceases his battle with him and let’s him go on his way stating that the Man-Thing is the only unluckier guy than Ben.

marvel-two-in-one-001-19 (2)

As leaders, we do we have this empathy? This understanding of another person’s situation?

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